Genetic Cluster Computer


In the post-Human Genome Project era the aim of genetic research is expanding. It is now feasible to identify the actual genes underlying stable genetic contribution to various key traits of behavior, cognition and health. Identifying these genes is important as it may lead us to understand why some people are more prone to mental disorders and physical disease than others, and may help improve the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease.

In the past decade we have seen an explosive growth in the scale at which human genetic research takes place in terms of sample size, number of traits and availability of genetic marker information. This has led to a parallel increase in the demand on computing power. Access to high computing power is therefore crucial to our understanding of human complex traits.

The Genetic Cluster Computer (GCC) is set-up to meet this need for high computing power in genetic research. It is available without costs to national and international researchers within the field of genetics.

If you perform analyses on the GCC for a scientific publication, we would appreciate if you acknowledge the cluster, using the following statement: Statistical analyses were carried out on the Genetic Cluster Computer ( hosted by SURFsara and financially supported by the Netherlands Scientific Organization (NWO 480-05-003 PI: Posthuma) along with a supplement from the Dutch Brain Foundation and the VU University Amsterdam.

GCC is used by researchers in genetic epidemiology, molecular genetics, statistical genetics or behavioral genetics. The GCC is financed by the Netherlands Scientific Organization (NWO: 480-05-003 Danielle Posthuma (PI)), by the VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and by the Dutch Brain Foundation (PI Roel Ophoff). It is hosted by the Dutch National Computing and Networking Services.

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